Explaining The Different Types Of Auto Parts

Explaining The Different Types Of Auto Parts

It’s easy for people to get lost in the searing volume of auto replacement parts flooding the market. You may be aware that there are many types of auto parts. This should give customers an idea of the wide range of products they have. rolan.com.au is an online store that provides you with all types of auto parts.

Wouldn’t it be handy to have a handy guide explaining the differences between these various types of auto parts? This blog entry is for you if your mind is in the right direction. Let’s move on!

OEM Auto Parts

OEM is an acronym for “original equipment maker” which can be used in many industries. OEM auto parts are manufactured by the original manufacturers of the vehicle, often at a time when the model is still in production.

OEM does not necessarily mean “original” as OEM parts can be reproduced by the manufacturer in the future.

This could happen if there is still a lot of demand for the part. These situations can drive manufacturers to make more parts for older vehicles.

NOS Auto Parts

NOS stands for “new old stocks” and is often used to refer only to parts of autos that were not in use at the time. These parts are made by the actual vehicle manufacturers but, for whatever reason, were not sold and instead remained in different warehouses.

These NOS auto parts are rarely made by their manufacturer. This is why they are highly sought-after products and can have prices that go well above their original market value. For example, consider how vintage car collectors would often pay more for old stock auto parts to keep their vehicles’ originality.

Important to know is that NOS auto parts, while they are original products, are not always the best to buy. Some components of NOS auto parts can wear over time. Rubber, for example, can become brittle from heat, oxygen, and ultraviolet radiation. Metals can suffer corrosion in areas with high airborne saltiness. You should only purchase your NOS auto parts from trusted suppliers that have a track record of sourcing new stock products and sourcing them.

NORS Auto Parts

NORS is an acronym that stands for “new or replacement stock” or “new and reproduced stock.” These auto parts are similar to NOS parts but are never-been-used, having been manufactured at some point in the past. NORS auto parts are not manufactured by the manufacturer. Instead, they were created by third-party suppliers, often as aftermarket replacements for vehicles no longer being produced.

NORS parts are almost identical to OEM and OEM parts. However, they are often more easily available than their original counterparts and therefore are less costly to obtain for consumers.

Remanufactured Auto Parts

Remanufactured car parts are used parts that have been carefully disassembled, cleaned, and modified to return them to their original condition. The problem areas of these used auto parts will be identified and replaced with faulty or obsolete components. Finally, final products will be tested to ensure they meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Used And Tried Auto Parts

Sometimes, a part of a used car will not require refurbishment. It is still in good enough shape to not require any modifications. These used auto parts have been thoroughly cleaned and checked to ensure they are within tolerances.

Remanufactured parts of auto can be quite affordable for consumers. However, it is possible to buy used parts that have been tested. Buyers must ensure they get their parts from trustworthy suppliers who have a history of providing high-quality products.

David Grawoig