How to Find the Best Deal on Brake Pads

How to Find the Best Deal on Brake Pads

You can get an idea of how much life is left in your brake pads by taking them to a mechanic or service technician. If you hear squealing or grinding noises, you’ve already waited too long to replace them.

If you’re looking for new brake pads, anyone who provides replacement services should offer the parts. The only problem is that you could be paying up to $300 per axle to complete this service because most service technicians will see the product as another revenue stream.

When you want to find the best deal on brake pads, the first step is to eliminate the labor. After deciding to do the work yourself, you should look at the quality and materials of the parts to ensure your investment offers long-term dividends.

That’s why NRS Brakes galvanized pads should be your first and only stop. With NRS Brakes, you’ll be outfitting your vehicle with brake pads that are evaluated to be ‘the longest lasting in the world.’

Why Are Galvanized Steel Brake Pads the Best Choice for My Vehicle?

Manufacturers create multiple types of brake pads that you may consider using for your vehicle. You can break down those brake pad categories into 4 sections: organic, semi-metallic, metallic, and ceramic.

The primary difference between those categories involves the amount of dust the pads generate when used over their lifetime. Organics create more debris, while ceramics and semi-metallics are cheaper and have a shorter lifespan.

Metallic brake pads are a preferred solution for most commuter vehicles, like the ones you’ll find in stock at NRS Brakes. Galvanized steel brake pads are suitable for most makes and models on the road today, including Audi, Mazda, Tesla, Toyota, and Hino.

Where Can I Get the Best Deals on Brake Pads?

When you need to find new brake pads for your vehicle, the source for those parts can directly influence the price you’ll pay. Several solutions are available to drivers in most communities.


Most dealerships service the vehicles they sell. That means they stock parts for repairs, including brake pads designed for your specific make and model.

Auto Parts Stores

You can find or order most parts at specialty retail outlets that stock brake pads and other supplies for your vehicle. Some companies provide online and physical store locations.

Big Box Discount Stores

Large consumer stores and brands sell a little bit of everything, ranging from groceries to electronics. You’ll find a small automotive section where some brake pads are available.

Mechanics and Repair Shops

When you can’t find the specific parts you need, a local provider in this category can source and purchase them for you.

Although each option has specific pros and cons, the best choice is to buy your brake pads directly from the manufacturer. By cutting out the middle, you can experience significant savings while upgrading the quality of the parts.

Whether you’re shopping for a commuter vehicle or an entire fleet, NRS Brakes has a solution that meets your needs when those pads need replacing. You’ll discover our products are built to handle the most demanding environments without emptying your wallet.

David Grawoig