3 Reasons to keep your car owner’s manual

3 Reasons to keep your car owner’s manual

Most people have a surprised look when they are told that the car owner’s manual or workshop manual is one of the most important items that come with their cars when it is newly purchased. This surprised look is quite common simply because most car owners take this particular accessory for granted.

The reason as to why this little book of car wonders is so important is because it contains copious amounts of information about your car that most probably does not exist anywhere else and that could even include the almighty Google! Below are the list of things that gives car owners a good cause to always keep the car owner’s manual safe and inside their car at all times.

Gadgetry Utilisation

Most cars that roll out of manufacturing facilities these days come with a wide range of top-notch gadgetry which are usually underutilised simply because the owner is not aware of feature. Most of these gadgetries come with personalisation features that allow the owner of the vehicle to adjust the settings to fit their own preferences.

From configuring keyless access systems to setting up the audio/ video components or even the cruising control responses would be included in these manuals and all owners have to do is go through the manual diligently in order for them to fully appreciate the car that they had purchased.

Maintenance Schedules

It is imperative for vehicle owners to keep track of car service requirements according to the specific mileage or timeframe in order for cars to be maintained in perfect running condition. Car workshop manuals often come with a ‘maintenance framework’ or service schedule that indicate when, how and what needs to be monitored which reduces the hassle of car maintenance, especially for those who are experiencing their very first own car.

The manual provides the owner with details that are unique to the car with regards to what kind of services needs to be done along with information on which components should be given attention to and what frequency.

Understanding Indicators

Technology has allowed car manufacturers to add A.I (Artificial Intelligence) type of features into most of their cars. These indicators are able to warn drivers about impending malfunctions which the car ‘knows’ due to sensors that are able to tell mechanical abnormities. That blinking light on the dashboard actually means something and failing to address it could lead to undesirable situations.

The only way that you would be able to know what everything on your dashboard is for is by going through this manual in order to understand the ‘language of your car’s dashboard’.

Advanced Repairs

For owners who need to make more advanced repairs, having an additional OEM factory workshop manual for your car can assist in more advanced servicing, maintenance and repairs. These can often be obtained by asking your dealership or manufacturers head office for a copy.


The car owner’s manual hardly takes up any space at all and given all the positive things that the manual is able to contribute, it deserves a little bit more attention. For those reading this, if you do not have your car owner’s manual anymore, do not panic, there are plenty of sites on the Internet that offer free car workshop manual downloads, all you have to do is Google it.