5 Ways To Improve The Performance Of Your Car

5 Ways To Improve The Performance Of Your Car

These days, modern cars and trucks already have impressive performance and horsepower. Many people go about their lives only driving vehicles with stock components while others have only invested in non-performance modifications, such as window tinting and paint protection. On the other hand, some want to get more performance from their cars or trucks.

If you fall under the second category, this article is the one for you.

Tuning a car to get more performance out of it isn’t as complicated or ridiculous as you’ve seen in movies. Here are five tips to help improve the performance of your car.

5 Tips to Improve Your Car’s Performance

1. Spark Plugs

It’s hard to believe that simply changing your spark plugs can improve the performance of your car. Spark plugs sit inside the cylinder heads and are responsible for igniting the fuel. Basically, it’s the component that makes your engine run.

If you have a fairly new car, changing the spark plugs might not benefit you as much. However, older cars will likely have corroded, worn-out spark plugs which results in decreased efficiency. Changing your spark plugs regularly ensures optimum performance.

2. Weight Reduction

Another easy way to improve your car’s performance is by reducing its weight. To be clear, weight reduction won’t add horsepower to your car, but it will improve its performance.

Get rid of the unnecessary components and items that are stored in your car. To take it a step further, you can even remove some seats if you don’t usually carry passengers. Less weight on your car means better performance.

3. Superchargers

If you’re looking to upgrade your car’s horsepower, you might want to consider adding superchargers. The supercharger pressurizes the air intake to reach above normal atmospheric levels so that air is blown into the engine. Combined with more fuel, the supercharger produces more power.

When installed correctly, the supercharger can add almost 50% more horsepower. When getting superchargers installed, make sure you go to a shop with certified mechanics in order to ensure proper supercharger installation to your car.

4. Air Filters

Adding aftermarket air filters to your car will not only improve performance, but it will also increase your car’s efficiency. Air filters allow more air into the engine, which results in more efficient use of air/fuel combination. On top of that, air filters also block impurities and contaminants that can degrade your car’s performance over time.

Aftermarket air filters, especially high-quality ones, are excellent performance enhancers and they’re relatively inexpensive.

5. Cold Air Intake

Your car’s efficiency is also affected by the temperature of the air. A cold air intake kit is an aftermarket upgrade that helps bring cool air into the engine. Basically, colder air is denser and generates more power.

Cold air intake kits offer higher performance and efficiency and they are based on the idea that colder air provides the necessary oxygen for a more dynamic engine combustion.

Ready to Supercharge Your Car?

These are just some of the ways that you can improve your car’s performance. Most of these can be installed at home, but it’s most effective to consult with a reputable auto shop first.