A Guide to Choosing an External Antenna on Telstra’s Next G Network

A Guide to Choosing an External Antenna on Telstra’s Next G Network

Telstra’s Next G network covers over 98% of the Australian population. It is a high-speed network that is currently with the ability of speeds of as much as 21MB/s. This indicates that we can enjoy video calling, email, where maps, News, Weather, Foxtel by mobile is, information services such as high-speed web as well as remarkable protection. Unlike various other 3G networks where you can get Next G reception you will certainly have access to all Next G services such as email and also all the cost-free to browse sections on your Next G mobile phone.


BigPond cordless modems, Telstra Mobile Broadband modems and also Next G mobiles all operate on the Next G 850MHz network. The 850 MHz range offers a premium in constructing protection. Exterior antennas provide substantial added insurance coverage for Next G cellphones. This is important if you are using your cellphone, BigPond cordless modem or Telstra Mobile Broadband modem in rural and also remote locations or along major freeways mobile phone antenna for cars. The majority of antennas have common suitable discontinuation either SME or FME and also various smartphones and also wireless network cards have various antenna connections. A spot lead is needed to connect the smartphone to the antenna’s standard fitting.

The range of Next G antennas helps to maximize signal strength no matter whether you remain in your watercraft, house or lorry. Our Next G antenna vary includes various sizes, gain and also various types of antennas, from temporary portable antenna services to irreversible bullbar, roof covering mount and also with windscreen choices. Usually an antenna’s dimension is proportional to its gain and also is determined in decibels, dB. The greater the gain of the antenna, the better the signal array will be. Different gains are needed for different circumstances as noted below. Metropolitan city and major regional locations (0 – 3 dB) These antennas are made use of to enhance signal strength in good protection locations and are portable as well as send just as in all directions. These antennas likewise work well in hilly locations.