Best Car Gadgets and Accessories for DIY Car Maintenance

Best Car Gadgets and Accessories for DIY Car Maintenance

We have researched some DIY Car Maintenance Accessories and found a list of cost effective car maintenance accessories that will save you trips and money to the auto repair shop. Simple car maintenance can be done at home like, small car paint scratches, oil filter change, car headlight restoration, and car pressure leaks.

Basic auto tool kit for DIY Car Maintenance

Oil Filter Removal Tool Wrench

The oil filter removal tool wrench to extract oil filters helps us to tighten and loosen these pieces with the minimum effort. The universal wrench are very comfortable for most vehicles and the cups exert greater force on seized filters.

Car Headlight Restoration Kit

If you have damaged headlights and you need to polish them so they can look like new, the option of restoration with the help of car headlight restoration kit is very interesting.

Thanks to its formula, you can quickly eliminate scratches and make the headlights look new again. That is, you can eliminate the yellow color of the old headlights with hardly any problems, thanks to its powerful action. In this way you can see how the headlight come back to light strongly after the repairing.

The kit comes with everything you need to start polishing the headlights. What’s more, it has a small instruction book, which will indicate the steps you must take to achieve really positive results.

Car Scratch Repair

Your vehicle has been dented and do you want to restore it to the new state? Yes! But, you are afraid that the dent removal of its body spoils the paint and you find yourself obliged to spend even more to look after the aesthetics of your car. You are quite right. By the way, the Car Scratch Repair Kit is designed to solve this problem. Without touching the paint, you can use the attachment handle to straighten the deformed parts of the bodywork. The glue gun and the two sticks are used to fix the handle. The glue stains are very easy to remove. They leave no trace on the bodywork.

Fuel pressure gauge

The fuel pressure is measured with a device called a pressure gauge. This must be connected to the power line, since this is the one that carries the pressure. But before doing this you must realize that the power line does not contain any pressure at all. At the moment of doing the measurement, it is for that reason that you must disconnect the fuse or relay of the pump or remove the electrical terminal. Once done any of these procedures, turn on the engine of the car so that in this way the pressure in the line disappears power supply and you should expect the engine to turn itself off (due to lack of pressure) when this happens, it is safe to connect the pressure gauge.

Flat keys

Buying a set of good quality flat wrenches will prove very useful (size 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 17, 19, 21). They can be supplemented by a wrench adjustable size.

Pipe wrenches

If the set of pipe wrenches is conventional and always useful, the purchase of a box of a ratchet with sockets will replace it in many cases. The extensions, the cardan (articulated sleeve) or the large set of sockets (often going up to 32) will ensure most repairs and has significant comfort.

Hex keys and Torx wrenches

The purchase of two sets is essential. They will eventually be supplemented by individual purchases for larger sizes.

Waste tank

Purchased or manufactured by cutting a can of 5 l, it will allow you to recover the oil and transfer it into a closed container allowing you to bring it to the dump.

Torque wrench

This key of a significant cost allows to tighten according to a predefined tightening torque and provided by the manufacturer. Information can be found in the technical magazine of the car or possibly with a friend or on a forum. But beware of errors … Many operations do not require its use.

These were few. These were the Best Car Gadgets and Accessories for DIY Car Maintenance which are very cost effective to buy and keep in your garage for simple DIY car maintenance that will save you money. It’s cool to know a bit about your car and attempt self-maintenance before going to car repair shops and pay a hefty fee for simple fixes.