Boat trailer repair workshop

Boat trailer repair workshop

At Hoffmeier Center we have been offering repair, overhaul and the sale of spare parts since the first day of opening (more than 2000 in stock) for trailers of all types, for individuals and professionals.

Building on our experience over the years, we have succeeded in building a solid reputation. Every day new customers trust us to take care of their trailer and we strive to offer the best possible services for each request.

Today our workforce in the workshop is 3 versatile and competent mechanics. They will be able to welcome you and inform you about the Boat trailer repair or revisions to be planned for your equipment. Whether it is a baggage trailer, a tipper, a flatbed, a box trailer, car transporter or boat carrier; each trailer must be serviced at least every 2 years to guarantee the user and the road user maximum safety.

What are the services performed in the workshop-repair?

  • The assembly of new trailers: to offer them for direct sale to our customers in our workshop. We can thus check during assembly that each trailer complies with legal safety standards before each sale.
  • Installation of trailer equipment or accessories: trailer extensions, high tarpaulin frames, boat trailer stands, drafts, floors, winches, etc.
  • The coupling:  we also perform the coupling of all types of vehicles at our Center. Do you want to buy a trailer but do not yet have a tow bar on your car, van or utility vehicle? Kill two birds with one stone by coming to visit us at the workshop.
  • Overhaul and maintenance of your trailers: overhaul is carried out on a case-by-case basis and varies depending on the type and condition of the trailer. If we notice the slightest problem during the overhaul, the customer is notified by phone and we offer a repair solution on estimate. We do not make any repairs or modifications without the consent of our customers.
  • Overhaul, maintenance or repair of electrical equipment: change of bulbs, LEDs, electrical harnesses, pump system or electric winches, etc.
  • Overhaul maintenance or repair of mechanical equipment: checking or changing bearings, cleaning the hubs and oiling or greasing the brake cables, tire pressure, tightening the wheels, overhauling the safety systems (fixing the hitch secondary, verification of side wall or extension closing systems, etc.)
  • The derating of a trailer: This can only be done at the customer’s request when purchasing a new trailer. Derating, also called derating, reduces the GVWR of a trailer and can be useful for users who do not have a license compatible with the current GVW of the trailer. Allow 7 to 10 days to collect your decommissioned trailer from the Center depot.
  • Estimate before repair: You know that repairs are expected on your trailer and you want to know the price? Meet at the workshop for a detailed and quick review from our specialists.
  • Trade-in estimate: To reduce the cost of purchasing a new trailer, we can take back your old trailer. Our experts will do an overall check of the trailer before offering a trade-in price in exchange for a new model. We do not buy a used trailer; we only take back for exchange.
  • Boat transfer on a new trailer: Do you want to change your trailer but you don’t know how to transfer your boat which is currently stored on your old trailer? We can make the transfer to our store.
  •  Boat trailer repair: So that it adapts perfectly to your model of boat. Adjustment of rollers or runners, installation of electric winch + support, installation of large drafts or rinsing kits etc.

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