Five Ways to Keep Your Car Wheels or tires in Great Shape

Five Ways to Keep Your Car Wheels or tires in Great Shape

Taking care of care tires can save you some extra cash, and that’s why you should know the effective ways you can make them serve for a longer period. Visit pedders official site for more helpful details. Of course, the ideal way to increase the life of your automobile tires is to drive properly, avoid overaccelerating, braking forcefully, and corning sharply. There are five more ideas in this post to keep your automobile tires in good shape:

Ensure proper tire pressure

Make sure your car’s tires aren’t under or over-inflated regularly. Underinflation causes the rubber to flex more, raising the operating temperature and shortening the tire’s life. When driving over a pothole, the wear on the tire’s edge or shoulder increases, and the vehicle’s suspension can be damaged. Overinflation is also harmful because it increases wear in the center of a car tire’s tread, which is crucial for protecting the rubber from collision damage. Check the owner’s manual or a plaque inside the fuel flap for the required tire pressure.

Alignment and Balance

When your car’s tires are fixed or replaced, ensure they’re balanced properly before reinstalling them. Otherwise, vibrations will occur, causing increased tire wear, suspension damage, and driver fatigue. To achieve the ideal performance out of your vehicle, you’ll need to have the steering, suspension, tire components, and car wheels all working in harmony. Checking the balance or alignment of your vehicle at your local garage or car tire specialist is inexpensive. However, the expense of repair will be much higher if it isn’t done.


A monthly visual checkup takes only a few minutes and is essential for keeping your automobile tires in good shape. First, make sure the tread depth is correct. A tread wear indicator is incorporated into the majority of tires. At a depth of 2mm, look for a horizontal bar of rubber between the tread patterns. It’s time to change your car tires when the tread wears down to the height of this bar. Next, check your car’s tires for strange bulges or lumps, which can indicate internal problems.


Do not drive on a tire that is losing air pressure. Instead, take it to a professional who will inspect the tire thoroughly and determine if it can be fixed or replaced. Even a short distance driven on a flat tire will permanently harm it. Never attempt to repair a car tire on your own. A certified specialist should handle this.

Rotation of the tires

A vehicle’s weight is not uniformly distributed over all of its tires. Therefore, the lifespan of the tires can be increased, and uneven car tire wear can be avoided by rotating them regularly. First, visit a vehicle tire specialist for further information and to get your current tires inspected. Then, find out how much you may save with Pedders car tires, get an immediate online tire quote or contact your nearest fitting center.