How do silicone hoses make a difference?

How do silicone hoses make a difference?

If you’re looking to get a new hose, choosing silicone is a much better option than other materials such as rubber. But, just how can this type of hose make such a big difference?

Strong and sturdy

Silicone is very strong and sturdy, which means that when it’s used to make hoses it can outlast many of its rival materials such as rubber. Although you might pay a bit more to start with when purchasing a silicone hose, the enduring lifespan of this material ensures that it makes a worthwhile and cost-effective investment.

Resistant to cracks

When you purchase a silicone hose, it’s good to know that this material is much more resistant to cracks, splitting or rotting, compared to rubber. This makes it a very reliable and flexible option.

Copes with temperature fluctuations

According to, silicone can withstand stress and temperature extremes. This means it won’t get hot or break when under pressure. In fact, silicone hoses are capable of exposure to fluids that possess much higher temperatures compared to rubber. If you need a hose for a turbo-charged engine or a vehicle involved with racing, choosing one that can cope with high temperatures, such as silicone, will be vitally important.

High performing

At the end of the day, when you’re choosing a new hose, you’ll want one that delivers on results, and this is where the silicone hose really does excel. Studies have shown that a silicone hose is stable and high performing, making it a reliable option for those with vehicles where performance is key.

Silence is golden

Some hoses, such as rubber types, can create a significant amount of noise and vibration due to friction. When you choose silicone for your hose, however, such as from, this isn’t something you need to worry about. Silicone is a very quiet material, where its characteristics also make it able to reduce vibration sounds.


A silicone hose is a very versatile item, making it handy for a range of uses. Yet, there is no reason why it should be boring or dull to look at. In fact, you can purchase these types of hoses in a wide range of colours, should you wish to jazz up your systems or interiors. Of course, you can also stick to black hoses, if you prefer a more conservative choice.