All of us who have or have had a car know that the aesthetic question is one of those that matter most for us, especially if we want to show off an aesthetic vehicle, beautiful and elegant. Scratches, bumps and even animal debris and sap from trees can damage car paint. For this reason, powder coating technology on https://mauipowderworks.com/ is increasingly used in the automotive world, as these provide a coating or protective layer to the sheet or to the components of the vehicle.

The traditional products for the protection of automobiles are made with natural or synthetic waxes, known as sealants, or in polymers. However in more recent years, the powder coatings have been implemented, which are industrial powder paints. These are applied by electrostatic means to the substrate that, in the case of the automobiles, is metallic and later it is put under temperatures of between 60 and 100 ° C so that the paint is melted with the metal and acquires mechanical properties of resistance and durability before the corrosion and oxidation, but also an aesthetic quality that gives it a brighter finish.

Unlike liquid paints that are used in a traditional way, powder paint does not require a solvent, making it more environment friendly.

In the automotive world, powder coating is used for automotive parts, chassis, springs, shock absorbers, windshield wipers, rims, wheels and all kinds of metal parts. For the body it is used in the factory, during the assembly process, since the process requires the melting in a furnace. However, it is possible to use powder primers for repairs or paints by bodywork specialists, which can increase the protection and resistance of both the paint and the sheet.

The field of application of the coatings is extensive, since they are not only applied on the sheets and metals, they can also be used on rims, plastic, glass, headlights, hoods for convertible cars and even for leather seats, so there are Several options within the automotive sector.

When the powder coating is applied, a protective layer of great hardness, solidity and durability is formed. It is able to protect the surface against many damages. Among the most important properties, some are:

  • High resistance: Powder coatings resist contact with chemicals, being vulnerable only to acids. They also resist to the passage of time and water, providing a protective layer to the metal so that it does not corrode with moisture.
  • Easy cleaning:Since the powder coating practically repels water, it is very easy to clean. It also has a quality to repel dust, so the surfaces where they are applied are much cleaner and easier to maintain in perfect condition, since the dirt does not it is embedded to the surface.
  • Glossy finish: The best quality, and the best known of the powder coating is the glossy finish, which exceeds the results obtained with wax, in addition to being much more durable and easy to clean, it does not scratch when cleaned.
  • High durability:Depending on the quality of the product and the number of layers, although one is usually sufficient, the results are long lasting, which will be even longer if it is given adequate maintenance.
  • Resistance:The most attractive quality of powder coating in the automotive sector is the strength and hardness, which makes it almost impossible for the material to be grated or damaged with blows. It is practically necessary to polish the piece with a cutting material in order to remove a coating layer.

A powder coating gives a finer appearance to the pieces of higher quality and resistance. This is due to the fact that the paint film is much thicker and appears more visual, besides rounds the edges and feels smoother and softer touch. Its mechanical and chemical resistance allows to maintain the results of the finish even in the face of constant exposure to weather, ultraviolet rays and rain, but also to abrasive materials, corrosion, chemicals and stains.

An electrostatic layer is resistant to temperature, so it does not melt to heat, but it does not deform and has great resistance to twisting.

We can find powder coatings under the bonnet in elements such as the engine block, oil filters and brake pipes. The cylinder heads also use it to support high-speed machining without deforming, splintering or lifting. The oil filter and brake pipes are used to prevent mechanical deformation such as bending, in addition to resist chemical attack of oil and lubricant.

Door and window moldings are also painted with powder paint, as well as roof rails or grills, which are painted in black or dark gray and are resistant to ultraviolet rays.