6 Tips for Cleaning Your Car Interior

6 Tips for Cleaning Your Car Interior

If you added up all the hours, you would probably be astonished by the amount of time you spend in your car. And like any space you spend a lot of time in, your car can get messy. Regular cleaning, especially of the inside of your car can help streamline the process. Your regular express car wash can be a great help in cleaning the exterior, but cleaning the interior can be done anytime, from anywhere. If you need help getting started, here are some simple tips for keeping the inside of your car clean.

Clear It Out

The first step in just about any cleaning process: empty it and that applies to  interior car cleaning as well. Gather up all of the stuff that has accumulated in the cup holders and between the seats. The more that can be out of the way while you work, the easier the cleaning process will be. Don’t forget to check in the doors and under seats for trash or debris that might be hiding.

Get Organized

Whether you’re driving the family car or your vehicle is primarily for commuting, you need to have some essentials. A flashlight, blanket, road flares, and a few bottles of water can be great to have in case your car breaks down. Keep these in case of emergency items in a bin or box where you will remember they are there.

Grab the Vacuum

For this, the experts recommend starting from the top of your car and working to the bottom. Take out the floor mats and then suck up any dust from your dashboard and your doors. Use the vacuum to get into all of the hard to reach areas of your car.

Wipe Down Hard Surfaces

The console, dash, steering wheel, and any other hard surfaces of your car deserve attention too. Grab a microfiber cloth and a cleaning spray suitable for your car’s material and get to work. Dust off any more delicate areas with the cloth. If you are feeling inclined to give your car a deep detail you can grab an old toothbrush and use it to clean those really hard to reach areas, like around buttons and knobs.

Scrub the Seats

Depending on the type of interior you have how you clean the seats will change. Leather or vinyl seats should be maintained by a lotion-based cleaner designed specifically for the type of seats you have. Fabric seats will need to be vacuumed and a spray and soft brush can be used to remove stains or trapped dirt.

Consider Getting Protection

If you travel with pets, muddy paws and pet hair can make a quick mess. Consider getting special seat covers to protect your upholstery and make clean up much easier. Additionally, a spray protector can be great for preventing stains on fabric seats.

Finish up cleaning by vacuuming the floor mats and then you can visit an express car wash so your clean interior can be paralleled by a clean exterior.