Benefits of Waxing Your Car

Benefits of Waxing Your Car

The best way to maintain your vehicle and extend its lifespan is to keep it clean and serviced. Car Smart has all the car cleaning accessories you will ever need.

A lot of car maintenance is focused on the internal parts like the engine, suspension and transmission. However, maintaining your vehicle’s exterior is also supremely important.

After cleaning and drying your car, most experts recommend the use of wax on your car. Other than keeping your car shiny and glossy, waxing your car can also do the following:

Offer an Added Layer of Protection

Car waxes are predominantly made from petroleum by products and oils. That is why wax is used to add shine to your car but it also hardens after application.

When it hardens, it forms a clear coat on top of the car’s body paint. The layer will protect the vehicle from scratching that happens when you rub dirt particles on the car when washing it.

Instead of grinding into the paint and causing scratches, the dirt will simply fall off the car.

Wax will also protect the car from harsh elements, natural or artificial. Hail, rain, sunshine, road salt and bird droppings all damage your car’s exterior. A coat of wax applied regularly should offer protection and reduce the effect of these elements.

Cost Effective

It is expensive to repair your vehicle when it gets damaged. Paint jobs are particularly dear especially if they are custom paint jobs.

When you don’t wax your car after cleaning it, you leave it prone to damage from many harmful elements. When your paint is ruined, you will have to repaint your car again and again which can run up quite a bill.

Waxing your car also prevents parts of it from rusting. Rusting not only ruins your car’s paint but it also affects the structural integrity of certain parts.

By waxing your vehicle regularly, you save money that you would have otherwise used to replace or repair rusted car parts.

Increase Resale Value

A car’s resale value drops as soon as you drive it off the lot. Therefore, you need to do as much as possible to keep the car’s resale value as high as it can be.

The condition of your vehicle’s exterior including the body and paint significantly affect the resale value. Waxing will also substantially affect the condition of your car’s exterior and hence its resale value.

A layer of wax makes your car appear new by preventing damage from scratches and the elements. Though all that glitters is not gold, a glittering car means more gold for you.

Shining Car

The most significant benefit of waxing your car is having a clean car that sparkles when you drive it. Waxing improves the all-around appearance of a vehicle.

One of the reasons you bought your car has to be that you liked its appearance. If you want to admire your car’s look for longer, you should wax it after every wash.

Your car will always look, shiny, glimmering and appear brand new. You can even wax the interior of your car which will have the same effect.