Best image type for luxury car photography

Best image type for luxury car photography

Buyers interested in luxury vehicles expect to see nothing short of stunning photos of their beloved car when they go shopping online. If someone intends to spend at least a hundred thousand dollars on a particular car, they would expect to find magnificent images of that vehicle that would highlight the different parts.

Below are some of the things highlighted by Auto Image Services; professional car photographers, that car dealers need to know regarding the kind of pictures they require to market luxury cars online effectively.

What kind of photos are luxury buyers interested in?

People interested in luxury cars love to conclude as soon as possible. Luxury buyers spend between 18 and 20 days looking at the vehicle online before making a final decision. Over 60% of them say they go to the market just because they feel like changing their old vehicle.

This is where professional car photographers can greatly assist because many luxury car buyers base their decisions on emotions. Car dealers can resort to slideshows that reveal all the car’s features and design. An interactive and immersive experience will add its value to the advert process.

Provide options

People who buy luxury cars don’t do so because they need it. Instead, it is just a way to satisfy their emotional desires. Car dealers can capitalize on this by providing several photos and experiences, making it easy for luxury buyers to choose. In the course of browsing those pictures, they can even come across another vehicle model they will instantly fall in love with. Get in touch with a dealership photo company to help you prepare an expansive slideshow.

Auto Image Services provide dealers with custom image services, especially those interested in highlighting a certain kind of vehicle. Some of the high points of such photos include luxury props, background removal, or small touches that align with the vehicle’s qualities and design.

When dealerships are marketing luxury cars, they need to be careful of what they add to the images. The online copy or marketing copy for luxury vehicles should engage the buyer and provide them with all the details they may be needing. The vehicle’s luxury status should be reflected in the copy too.

David Grawoig