Four ways to sell more cars

Four ways to sell more cars

Selling cars is not as simple as it may seem. But there are a number of ways that you can boost your sales figures – four of which are outlined below:

1. Tempt customers with unique offers

One great way to increase sales is to offer your customers unique incentives such as:

– A gift certificate for items that will need replacing in the future e.g. windscreen wipers, tyres, or brake pads.

– Extended service packages such as paint protection for x years.

2. Work smarter

Working in a more efficient way saves time, and the more time you save, the more time you have to sell more. Being smart by, for example adopting digital processes, means you can reduce the average time it takes to complete a sale. Bespoke CRM software that is mobile-friendly and simple are great solutions for car dealerships.

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3. Improve communications and add interaction opportunities

Set team targets for number of contacts per day, and use email, text and telephone as well as Facebook/Twitter etc. Also, ensure your sales team are all communicating the same message i.e. “we have the right car at the right price for you”.

Try to increase the number of ways that potential customers can interact with your dealership. Try to create a buzz around the place by maybe holding things like fun days or sponsored events in the dealership.

4. Monitor activity and evaluate

Reviewing upcoming appointments every morning and getting prepared before you open is highly beneficial. You should also look at current leads via your CRM tool and allocate tasks as needed. Having an evaluation session of how the week has gone is also worthwhile as it can help identify pressure points, opportunities, and training needs.