The Pitfalls and Triumphs of Driving a Classic Car

The Pitfalls and Triumphs of Driving a Classic Car

Driving a classic car daily seems really romantic. But sometimes you end up with this romance is an exhausting manner. Being stuck in traffic with your oldtimer and eyes glued to its temperature gauge can make you starting sweating. It doesn’t mean that forget about the idea of having a classic vehicle of your dreams. Still, there are quite a few things which are useful to know before humping into this royal business.

Always keep in mind the following issues regarding the classical oldtimers.

  • These vehicles are called ‘’classic’’ because they are old. Whatever the beauty and features these vehicles keep, they are no better than new cars. You cannot trust these classics in terms of safety, efficiency, and reliability. The fuel economy of these oldtimers can also send your pocket in cardiac arrest.
  • Driving a classic car requires your deep and real commitment. Driving an old classic car every day is an exercise of your fortitude and patience. It can leak (both outside and inside), it can break down, and it may leave stranded at some point. This could happen regardless of how well you have taken care of it.
  • This is an old technology with a lever arm suspension system, no seatbelts, and breaks made of something like chewing gum. Slow lane becomes your home with awful acceleration and daily cooling issues.
  • The final piece of the puzzle is ‘’set realistic expectations’’. Being in love with these classic vehicles is the romantic side of the picture, but don’t forget all the issues mentioned above that can convert this passionate affair into an overwhelming experience.

These oldtimers are composed of basic machines like cable-actuated HVAC system, vacuum-operated headlamps, operators, and roll-up windows. Generally driving a classic car daily can be a unique and one of the most rewarding experiences in automotive travels.