Ways you can identify a Windshield Repair Scammer

Ways you can identify a Windshield Repair Scammer

When your car windshield needs to be repaired, it’s easy to fall prey to online and offline scammers. They may sound as genuine as the technician next door, but they are not always genuine. They want your money and they know they can get it through your auto insurance provider.

They Are Not Affiliated to Legitimate Companies

A scammer will come to you in the name of repairing your damaged windscreen, but they will not identify themselves properly. They do not want to say which company they work for, they do not have a physical address and don’t even have business cards indicating such details.

They Claim that you don’t have to Pay Anything

Some of these scammers will approach you and claim that your windscreen needs repair as there is a damage. It’s probably something that you cannot see with your naked eyes and they will confuse you with the vast knowledge they have.

They will even come to your home and as the car owner, you take this as convenient. The scammer will tell you that you do not have to pay for the repair. In this case, they defraud you through your auto insurance.

You Are Risking

Just because they sound knowledgeable about windscreens and windshield damages does not mean they are legitimate. There are a number of things you are risking.

  • They could end up damaging the windscreen with a poor job.
  • If this becomes the norm, and the scammers charge your auto insurance, it becomes easy to lose the claim
  • There will be no warranties and if there was any, you would not know where to find the fake technicians
  • This will also affect the cost of your auto insurance premium since your claims are becoming many. This amount is also passed to you. Basically, this means that you will be paying more to the insurance company regardless of the fact that scammers charge the insurer.

Things to Keep in Mind

When you have windscreen damage whether it is a crack or a chip, you should deal with a reputable technician from a quality company like this professional company Don’t deal with a person that shows up at your door claiming that you do not have to pay a penny for the job. There is an increase in such frauds and thus you have to do a proper research. There are many windshield repair businesses that are legitimate that you can work with.