What to Expect When Putting Your Luxury Car in Long-Term Storage

What to Expect When Putting Your Luxury Car in Long-Term Storage

Long-term car storage can be beneficial in a number of circumstances for luxury car owners. Whether you’re going on an extended international trip, preparing for deployment or just want to protect your car from unsuitable weather conditions, opting to keep your car in a long-term storage facility is always an affordable and safe option.

While there are a variety of benefits of long-term car storage, many people don’t know what to expect when leaving their vehicle in the care of a professional storage facility. Understanding what measures to take before, during and after the duration of your rental time can help you to avoid headaches while keeping your car in storage and will get you back on the road as quickly as possible once your ready to return to the wheel.

How to Prepare for Long-Term Car Storage

While we here at The Vault try to make storage as simple as possible for our clients, long-term car storage entails a little bit more than just driving your vehicle up to the lot and handing off the keys. Proper preparation and preventative measures will help to ensure the condition and quality of your car stays intact from the time you drop it off to when you’re ready to pick it up. Before you put your car in long-term storage, make sure you give it a thorough wash and detailing treatment to prevent any damage from existing water stains, bird droppings, or grease build-up.

For vehicles that you intend to store for more than two weeks, it’s essential to change the oil prior to the drop-off as well as top off the tank to prevent damage.

Maintaining Your Insurance

It may seem counterintuitive to maintain auto insurance on a car you’re not using, but it’s extremely important to keep your car insured throughout the duration of its storage. While we’d love to guarantee 100% safety of your vehicle while its in storage, accidents do happen. Having the proper insurance policy for your car will ensure that it is protected from unforeseen circumstances.

If you’re looking to save money while your car is in storage, one option is to talk with your insurance agent about switching to a cheaper plan that provides less coverage but still meets state vehicle laws. Seasonal insurance policies are also a common alternative for cars that are put into long-term storage. If you do decide to change your coverage amount before placing your car in storage, just be sure to switch your insurance back when you get your car out on the road again.

Routine Upkeep

We understand that your luxury vehicle requires extra attention when it comes to important details and mechanics, especially when it’s in storage. A professional car storage facility can manage routine upkeep of your car while you’re away. Quality long-term car storage locations offer specialized services such as routine tire pressure checks, state-of-the-art security, battery maintenance, and climate-controlled storage units. We’ll even take your car out while your away to prevent stagnation and build-up so that you’re car is in pristine condition by the time you get it back.

Getting Your Vehicle Ready to Drive Again

Once you’re ready to drive your car again, taking a few steps will ensure your car is fully prepared to take on the road. Before returning to the road you should double-check that the oil has been changed, the battery is charged, and the air conditioning and steering mechanisms are fully operational. At most high-end storage facilities, most of these tasks will already be taken care of for you but it’s still important to conduct a walkthrough with your storage provider to make sure your vehicle is in pristine condition before leaving the lot.

At The Vault, we understand that your luxury vehicle is a precious investment that should be maintained, even when it’s not seeing time on the road. Regardless of your reason for storing your luxury car, we offer the best facilities in the business so that you can have piece of mind while your car is in long-term storage. If you’re interested in placing your car in long-term storage give us a call at (619)333-8904.