Why You Need To Scrap Your Car (In Singapore)

Why You Need To Scrap Your Car (In Singapore)

In Singapore, every vehicle is needed a COE in order for it to be driven on the road. Because of this, vehicle proprietors purchase COE in 10-year period cycles from the beginning of the car’s operation. If sold off prematurely to another proprietor, the leftover period of the vehicle’s COE is passed on.

By implementing a 10 year hard cap on the live of a car, the government ensures that only relatively new cars are operated on the road. This accomplishes 3 things:

  • Better conditioned cars on the road generally leads to less breakdowns
  • Keeps the automotive market active
  • Limits the potential amount of car congestion on the road

Choosing to Renew or Scrap

When nearing the 10-year mark, you have the opportunity to either renew your COE or to deregister your vehicle. If you opt to renew your COE for an additional ten years, then you will need to pay the PQP (Prevailing Quota Premiums), which is the average of the prior 3 months’ COE prices.

Conversely, if you opt to deregister your automobile within its first 10-year cycle, then you will be allowed to pick up both the COE reimbursement as well as PARF refund. In an alternate circumstance, if you find yourself in your car’s second COE term, and you choose to deregister it, you will only obtain the COE refund.

How to Decide Between Renewal or Scrapping

For how long more do you intend to drive your vehicle? The price of the PQP will likely be less than that of a brand-new car. Thus, if you are comfortable with your present vehicle, then a renewal of the COE might fit you better.

Does your current vehicle have any kind of issues or need excessively regular maintenance? Simply put, if your car’s condition is not good enough to last for numerous more years, then a brand-new automobile would assist you save funds in the future.

What percentage of your vehicle’s cost was the COE expense? Various car designs require different COE prices, depending on the portion designated to the automobile model.

When you are reaching the end of the COE term, these are 3 basic questions that you ought to consider. Nevertheless, you ought to additionally note that the deregistration value does not incorporate the body price of your vehicle. Unlike the deregistration price which is controlled by LTA, the body value of your car is established by scrap car Singapore dealers who will offer you a price for your car.

Subsequently, after buying your car, these dealers can choose to either export the car or scrap it for cash. The amount offered by scrap car dealers is not formulated or set like the rebates mentioned above. Instead, it is based on their individual perception or calculation of your car’s value.