Why You Should Enroll in a Car Wash Service Program

Why You Should Enroll in a Car Wash Service Program

A regular car wash is about as basic as you can get when it comes to maintaining your vehicle. If you are regularly washing your vehicle through a car wash service, you are probably getting tired of paying $8 to $10 every time.

In this case, you might want to consider enrolling in a car wash service program.

Nowadays, car wash operators are offering car wash memberships as an alternative to their patrons. Basically, getting a membership means purchasing a subscription plan which gets you unlimited car washes and more.

Why should you consider getting a car wash membership?

Top Reasons to Get a Car Wash Membership

1. Unlimited Washes

Of course, the best reason to get a car wash membership is for unlimited washes. Most car wash packages, at the very least, offer the ability to get unlimited car washes each month.

However, while you are entitled to unlimited car washes, the incentive is generally restricted to a single car. Some car wash companies do provide a discount if you wish to sign up for more than one car.

2. Save Money

If you like driving a clean and shiny car, it goes without saying that you regularly wash your car.

While you can argue that $8 is not that steep for each visit, your expenses can really add up over the month. This is especially true if you visit the car wash multiple times every month or you live in an area (places with mud, pollen, etc.) where a car wash is frequently needed.

When you are regularly washing as a member, the car wash membership will quickly pay for itself. You can go every day if you want without paying a cent more.

3. Extra Perks

Car wash companies value their members because they want to build a loyal customer base. After all, repeat customers spend 33% more than new customers. One way to keep their customers happy is to include extra perks with their membership packages.

These perks can vary from one company to another. However, you can expect things like free vacuums or free floor mat cleaning. If you’re lucky, you might even get a free car waxing in one of your visits.

A car wash membership isn’t all about the free car washes, expect to get other perks as well.

4. Discounts

Many car wash businesses offer exclusive discounts for their members.

For example, you can upgrade to a higher wash package at a much lower rate. Also, you’ll be given significant discounts other services such as auto detailing or bodywork. This depends on which services are available for members-only discounts.

Never Drive a Dirty Car Again

So, is it worth it to enroll in a car wash service program? Well, it depends whether you regularly visit the car wash or not. Choose a  car wash membership today to enjoy its tremendous value and keep your car looking brand-new.