The world’s most luxurious and expensive limousine

The world’s most luxurious and expensive limousine

Since the inventions of limousine in 1902, it has been many changes in the design and comfort for its customers, the limousine are no doubt most luxurious and comfortable vehicles on the planet. Whether it’s a wedding ceremony, date night, or prom night, most people prefer to travel in limousine as they are comfortable, luxurious and offer many services which other don’t. Mississauga Limousine rentals has collected a list and details of the world’s most luxurious and expensive limousine. Following are few of them

Hyundai Equus

The entry level price for Hyundai Equus is $113,000. Basically the Equus is Hyundai’s version of Dignity, which was co manufactured originally by Mitsubishi. The South Korean automaker decided to market its own new version as Hyundai Equss, which is a formal car with slightly longer wheel base than the standard Equss sedan featuring rear seat leg support and many other features. The standard engine of Hyundai Equss is V6 but the company also offers V8 in the armored version of the car. The car has not yet been marketed to United States so very little is known about it outside Korea. Basic features include but are not limited to powered footrests, leather seating, rear leg supports, wood trim and even a massage system inside all the seats.

Chrysler 300 Limousine

The entry level price of this limousine is $140,000, a stretched version of Chrysler’s 300 Sedan, the middle section of stretch is almost same as the standard 300 sedan. The car has a V8 HEMI engine and this limousine is considered to be one of the best stretched limos by numerous limousine services.

Mercedes Benz S Class

This stretch version features three doors per side same as Cadillac XTS stretch. The entry level price of this car is $154,000. This S class limousine also has a twelve cylinder engine and it is one of the few limousines to receive rewards from famous automotive publishers and reviewers such as Car and Driver and Motor Trend.

Cadillac One

The Cadillac One has only one price $300,000 and the reason for only one flat price is just one, the car has only one customer, The President of the United States. The Cadillac One is not a limousine you can buy for standard car service. It is based on the DTS four door sedan, the successor to the former venerable de Ville line. The car features headlights which are derived from the Escalade SUV and rear lights are derived from the CTS sedan. This car is thought to be a tank because of many other reasons as the body is made of steel, titanium, aluminum and ceramic, its been insulated at the level of a military tank. All this security is due to the importance of this vehicle, to protect the President of the United States and his companions from a biochemical attack. The front contains night vision lighting cameras and tear gas canons just in case of use for the emergency. The windows are not only bullet proof but also are six layers thick to protect the president.

The above vehicles are most luxurious, comfortable and expensive on the planet, you can see that the last one is used to protect the most important person on this earth.