Should I Ship or Drive My Car to the Location?

Should I Ship or Drive My Car to the Location?


This has plagued people for ever as to whether or not they should deliver a car by driving through the mountains and weather conditions. Most of us opt to simply have the car transported whereas others might be looking for some “me” time on the road. Driving long distances can be enjoyable depending on how you look at it. You get a chance to take in the scenery and take your time figuring out the highways. However, if you go with transporting a car then it’s as easy as picking up the phone to get the process started. Whatever you may decide, here are some pro and cons to consider.

Driving Yourself 

Now this depends on whether you are a part of a auto business and you have been picked to drive the car across the country because there is no more room on the truck. This is actually a real thing. Some businesses want to please customers who have urgent requests to receive their cars and don’t mind the mileage. However, if you are delivering the car to a relative or friend, then often there really is no rush and you can take in the scenery and grab cups of coffee along the way. The cons can be if you run into car problems and need repairs or, god forbid, get into a serious accident. Driving along roads that you are not familiar with can always present a challenge.

Car Transport 

There are many businesses who ship cars and are willing to do so for a good amount. Most are not a terrible expense, but they will put some kind of hole in your wallet. That said, if you go with a car shipping service take it upon yourself to do the research so the car isn’t damaged at the final location. Write out everything you expect from the service and shop around for quotes. Make sure to ask about insurance and that it is recently verified with credentials. You have a choice of using an auto broker or going to a Direct Express service that can take care of all your needs. Using a transport service can save you time and money done the road. Many of us don’t have the luxury to take time from work for a drive from Buffalo, NY to Seattle.


The most costs you will face when driving yourself will be gas, food and lodging. It’s probably best to sit down and plan out the drive versus using a transport service. When you look at the map, you will at least find out how many miles it will take and how many times you may have to fill up. Further, finding a hotel might become a challenge unless you book ahead letting them know you are only one city away. Seasons can make a difference whether you drive or have your car transported. Summer months are good for car shipping customers and driving by yourself. Other seasons can create more possible damage for your car while on the truck and when you are alone on the road.