5 Reasons Why a Clear Bra is a Worthy Investment for Your Car

5 Reasons Why a Clear Bra is a Worthy Investment for Your Car

A car is one of the most valuable things that you can own. Naturally, most car owners want to make their investment last. For some folks, just the sight of a slight paint chip or hairline scratch on their car will send them into a frenzy.

Fortunately, there are many ways to protect your car’s exterior – one such way is to install a clear bra.

Also referred to as paint protection film, a clear bra protects your car from exterior damage and preserve its beauty and resale value. Below are some of the best benefits of getting a clear bra for your car.

1. Protect the Car’s Paint

The best reason to get a clear bra is for protecting your car’s paint job. This paint protection film is a transparent film that serves as an added layer of protection which is similar to vinyl clear bras.

There are just so many common hazards that can damage the exterior while on the road. A single speck of debris can easily cause a ding or scratch that will ruin your day. A paint protection film allows your car to take the occasional bumps, scratches, and debris and still look flawless.

2. Long-Term Protection

Another benefit of applying clear bra is that it offers long-term protection. A good car customization shop will install a paint protection film that could last a decade. Looking at it, the films look like it won’t last for a few weeks but that’s not the case at all.

With a clear bra installed, you’re looking at years of reliable exterior protection. On top of that, the film also keeps the wear-and-tear at bay.

3. Hassle-Free Maintenance

If you are worried about maintaining your clear bra, there’s no need to worry because it’s easy.

Extreme water resistance is one of the qualities of a car protection film. This means that you can freely wash your car without minding the film. Also, you only need to use common car soaps and shampoos, not specialized ones. Any dirt, dust or droppings on the film can be removed with just cloth and water.

4. Apply Anywhere

This protective film can be applied to any type of vehicle, may it be a car, truck, SUV, and more. Its applications are also seen on boats, bikes, RVs, and more.

Clear bras can be universally applied since they adhere to the surface that needs to be covered. A fun fact: paint protection films were originally invented for military purposes, so they were applied to tanks, armored vehicles, and helicopters.

5. Easy to Remove

If you want to remove the clear bra, you can do so easily without leaving any damage to the paint. In this case, you can go to an auto painting shop or remove it on your own.

Superior Car Exterior Protection

Applying a clear bra to your car is one of the best ways to preserve your car’s beauty and resale value. It’s really is a worthy investment in the long run. Just make sure that you have it applied by a reputable car customization shop.