London Motorcycle Training Programs

London Motorcycle Training Programs

Wading through heavy London traffic during rush hour can be brutal. That is why many London drivers are contemplating switching to motorcycles. There are many benefits of riding a motorcycle in London, but you first have to learn how to ride a motorcycle safely in busy London streets. The following are some of the benefits:

Excellent Fuel Efficiency

Motorcycles and scooters are more fuel efficient than cars. By switching to a motorcycle, you can reduce your fuel expense, which can add up to a staggering figure over time. This is the main reason why many London residents are switching to scooters and motorcycles.

Save on Insurance

The average car insurance costs around £1,000 annually while motorcycle insurance costs around £500 per year. It is important to note that the make and model of the bike as well as its engine capacity will have an effect on insurance premiums. However, you can still save hundreds of pounds yearly by switching to a motorcycle.

Get to Hard-to-Reach Places

The beauty of owning a motorcycle is that you can get to places where cars cannot get to easily. This includes dirt roads, narrow streets and tight spots in between vehicles. This means motorbikes allow users to enjoy their freedom of movement fully.

Free Parking

When you own a motorbike, you can park in places that do not require a parking fee and save on parking fees. With a car, you have to pay parking fees whenever you park your vehicle in a parking space.

Easy Cleaning

Compared to vehicles, motorcycles are much easier to clean. After all, there is no interior to clean, so you only need to clean the outside. You can do this in as little as five minutes.

Higher Resale Value

Motorcycles usually have a higher resale value than cars, compared to the purchase price. When you buy a motorcycle, therefore, you can be assured of getting back the full value, or something close to it, when you sell it.

Learning to Ride a Motorcycle

London residents who are interested in learning to ride a motorcycle have two affordable options. The first is to sign up for full motorcycle training. The second option is CBT training. With CBT training, local residents will learn proper turning and basic rules of the road among other things. With full motorcycle training, trainees must pass both a written and physical bike riding test.

If you are interested in London motorcycle training, complete the online form provided on this page to request a meeting with our expert instructors.