What are the best types of helmets that you have to use during your ride?

What are the best types of helmets that you have to use during your ride?

You can now enjoy the best adventures, whether riding a motorcycle as a commuter or for pleasure. Riding on two wheels is the best experience to give you years of satisfaction and enjoyment. Before you can fight traffic with cars or plan to enjoy the weekend on backcountry roads, you need to invest in equipment, which is riding gear. Body protection is required when you have to use your motorcycle. Wearing motorcycle helmets is essential when riding a bike. Research before deciding on a bike; you must use your helmet whenever you use your motorcycle. Helmets are made for motorcycles which are a round shape without the extended chin protection for dirt bike riding. There is a variety of choices that will depend on your preference.

Now you are looking for how to choose the fitting motorcycle helmet. These are the things you have for the different types you will see in the market and tips you can use. A helmet must be an essential investment after getting a motorcycle, and it must be in good condition for a few years.

Full face

Full-face helmets are one of the safest, but they can be heavy and warm during hot weather. From the name itself, it can protect your face like your jaw. Other types of helmets sometimes expose it. But when there is an accident, and you fall on the ground face-first, you will be lucky that you use the extra protection of a helmet. It can protect your face to avoid any critical head injury.

Open face

It offers good ventilation and an open face leaving your face uncovered. The jaw, chin, and whole face are exposed to an accident. However, using an open-face helmet can give you the best comfort you cannot see in other kinds of helmets.


Modular helmets are trying to combine the benefits of open-face and full-face helmets. It has a chin bar that you can flip up, which means you can use it as a full-face or open-face helmet. You can use a modular helmet while doing activities or taking photos. The flexibility of wearing helmets is good and modular helmets are safer than an open-face helmet when the bar is down. The hinge can weaken the structure and make it less sturdy than full-face helmets with an impact.

Dual sport

It is a cross between street and dirt bike helmets. These are off-road features like a peak or visor, but it is an aerodynamic package to fit the higher speeds of street riding. These are different configurations like removable visors and allow you to use goggles. Dual sport helmets have a large face shield for extra-wide peripheral vision.

Half helmets

Half helmets can only cover the top of your head and the area from your forehead to your brows. They can offer a little coverage on the back of your neck and ears, but it leaves to show your face exposed. But these helmets can give you good airflow, but they can give you less protection compared to the entire face.

Helmets are not perfect, and they cannot keep you safe always the type of helmet. Riding experience, good attitude, and respect for other road users can give you a safe ride. You have to choose a helmet that can fit you regardless of how fast or far you will be using your motorcycle. You must be safe and use your bike to protect yourself from harm.

David Grawoig